One TV/TS rubber doll for hire.

I long to be kept in latex and bondage. 
Displayed poised on heels, laced tight, gagged and firmly restrained.
Objectified; used, tormented or sold for pleasure.
All to please.

I do love my corsets, heels and rubber...

Physically I'm a TS at the beginning of the sex change process (hair removal is ongoing and my real breasts are quite small).  I've wanted to be a girl, particularly this type of girl, since I was 15 years old but family and work conspired to stop me for years in what seemed like total defeat.

Now I'm finally free of them and here for you to use and abuse properly instead.

I'm very dollish, passive and pliable in demeanour.  Also something of a perfectionist - dedicated to being the best I can be.

In the past I've been many things.  Well educated and well travelled.  My former life has left me with a background in science and engineering, so I am capable of handling some surprising conversation topics, however I am also generally fairly quiet.

Beyond kink, I'm a nerdy cosplaying anime/sci-fi fan and long time gamer and foodie. To keep fit I practice yoga and go walking while playing tourist and catching Pokemon.